Exploring what NIS2 actually is and how it’ll impact channel partners and their customers

Gold rush or compliance chaos?

How NIS2 will disrupt cybersecurity in the IT channel

The challenges around NIS2 double as opportunities for the channel, but how can partners be prepared for the influx of demand for cybersecurity solutions and partner support that touches on compliance and legal discussion that might be outside of their competency?

Is the NIS2 Directive sufficient for today’s cyber threat landscape?

How compliance is key but never a guarantee

NIS2 is an essential response by nations to protect their critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and citizens in the face of ever more sophisticated attacks. While compliance is key and making cybersecurity a C-level accountability is crucial - it’s no guarantee. Does NIS2 go far enough? What legal guidelines and law can we expect to come over the next few years?

Partnership and platforms

How collaboration and partnership are at the crux of compliance

With the requirements for visibility, policies and processes, a conglomeration of expensive solutions facing in the wrong directions, could lead to non-compliance. Is a platform approach the better choice? How can partners to step up and offer their support to organisation that lack the expertise and resources needed to comply?

Channel leader panel speakers from:

Our Expert Keynote Speaker

Olivier Iteanu

Lawyer, Lecturer, Data & Cybersecurity Expert

Based in France, Olivier is a well establish legal speaker, often quoted for his expertise in the IT, IP and cybersecurity space.
Heading up his IT specialist legal practice in Paris, he’s also a Professor at the University of Paris and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.
He’s published a number of books and is Honorary Chairman of the French Chapter of the Internet Society

The ultimate NIS2 channel partner guide

“What partners need to know about NIS2”

Check out our straight-forward online guide to understand what is and what you can do to support your customers.

  • What is NIS2?
  • Who’s affected - inside & outside of the EU?
  • What are the requirements for compliance and penaltes for non-compliance?
  • What support you can offer?
  • Which of our cybersecurity vendors can support NIS2 compliance?
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