The road to gold

As an Authorised Partner, you’ve qualified for a host of attractive benefits:

  • Expertise Discounts
  • New Account Rebates
  • Heavily discounted NFR equipment orders
  • Access to our Partner Locator and Partner Portal

Getting authorised is just the first step – aim for Gold with us! Join our new ‘Go for Gold’ promotion to unlock even more exciting rewards!

Gold is more than a partner level

As a Gold Partner, you’ll get access to many exclusive benefits:

1. Gold status sets you apart from the competition
As a Gold Partner, you’ll be a member of an exclusive circle of leading Extreme Networks partners from your region. You’ll be qualified to tackle the most attractive projects for leading organisations from all relevant verticals. This presents you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and to position yourself as a Trusted Advisor for your customers.

2. Secure marketing development funds
As a Gold-Level partner, you’re able to take part in Extreme Networks’ proposal-based MDF program. This lets you claim marketing support for joint activities to help you pave the way for future business growth.

3. Get the newest Extreme equipment at NFR rates
As a Gold Partner, get Extreme Networks equipment at a special discount. This helps you keep your showroom well-stocked and guarantees ample opportunity to extensively test the newest models.

4. Benefit from attractive discounts
Once you achieve Gold Status, you’ll be offered even more attractive discounts. Extreme Networks offers you attractive Growth Incentive Rebates, awards motivational Expertise Rebates if you successfully sell specific flagship SKUs and grants additional New Account Rebates if you successfully acquire new logos.

5. Make the most of Extreme’s Deal Registration Program - EDRP
The EDRP program rewards partners for exhibiting desired sales behaviours, bringing in new customer opportunities and providing value-selling by educating customers and prospects about Extreme.

6. Join the community and become a Champion or a Hero
Each year, Extreme recognises an elite community of partner individuals – either as a Champion - if they are from sales - or as a Hero - if they are from a technical team – and rewards them with attractive prizes. Ready to join this exclusive group?

Convinced yet? If not, there is one more prize we can offer!

Once you successfully qualify as an Extreme Networks Gold Partner, we’ll reward you with our exclusive Westcon Go for Golf Build-Out Bundle, worth over $250! It contains an exclusive golf shirt, warm golf socks and a practical backpack for your next golf vacation.

How to get there?

With Westcon-Comstor by your side, becoming an Extreme Networks Gold Partner only takes five easy steps:

  1. Register for our exclusive ‘Go for Gold’ program
  2. Review your status with your Westcon Account Manager, and plan next steps with them
  3. Decide which Extreme Networks specialisation track you want to follow
  4. Evaluate your expertise to determine what gaps you need to close to achieve Gold Status. Plan the training you need to complete to bridge the gaps, and analyse your revenue gaps to determine how best achieve your Gold revenue targets
  5. Complete your certification and claim your rewards!

Sounds hard? Join forces with Westcon!

Make no mistake – becoming an Extreme Networks’ Gold Partner will take a lot of commitment, and you’ll need the right partner beside you on the journey. This is where Westcon comes in. As your value-added distributor, we’ll help you unlock your full Extreme Networks potential.

We’ve worked with Extreme Networks for over 20 years. We know exactly how to tackle the daily challenges channel operations bring. As Extreme Networks’ number one distributor in EMEA, we’ve developed channel partners together for many years. We were recognised as the 2022 International Distributor of the Year, highlighting our success helping partners grow with Extreme.

We have the benefit of having our own Extreme-accredited training capabilities. We shipped over 100,000 units of Extreme equipment last year and we’re an Extreme Networks Diamond Distributor with multiple unique and innovative programs.

And if things do get complicated, feel free to draw on our extensive services capabilities. If a customer opportunity stretches your resources, our talented experts can help. With our services portfolio, we understand what it means to be truly end-to-end.

In short, we’re looking forward to the race, and are confident that we’ll cross the finish line and take gold together!