Use our SASE self assessment tool to get an initial idea about how urgently and how to implement SASE.

SASE urgency score

Get an initial idea about the level of urgency with which you should consider implementing SASE.

Roadmap towards SASE

Understand where you currently stand and which SASE components to implement as a priority.

Deep-dive SASE assessment

Take action - Get an in-depth personal SASE consultation with our local experts.

SASE urgency score

By answering just a few multiple choice questions about your current set-up, we will be able to give you an initial idea of how urgently you should consider investing in implementing a SASE architecture.

Low SASE score

Poor visibility and control means your network and users are vulnerable to security threats and risks through your cloud infrastructure

Medium SASE score

You have started on your SASE journey but should optimise performace and increase security further in the next 6-12 months

High SASE score

You have SASE elements in place but stay vigilant and up-to-date with new technologies and invest in threat intelligence.

Your roadmap towards a SASE architecture

Each organisations roadmap to a complete SASE architecture is different.
Let’s have a look at where you’re currently stand and which SASE component to implement as a priority.


SASE technology solutions

Our approach to the SASE opportunity for channel partners is proactive and built on a comprehensive vendor portfolio to meet every SASE requirement.

Vendor SD-WAN SWG CASB ZTNA FWaaS Web application & API protection DNS security Remote browser isolation Network sandbox API-based access to SaaS Data assurance
CheckPoint Security
Extreme Networks
F5 Networks
Pulse Secure
Menlo Security
Palo Alto Networks
Ping Identity
SkyBox Security
Sumo Logic
Trend Micro